Drop Catching
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Drop Catching

iGaming Domains plans to start offering interested parties assistance in catching registered domains that are about to expire and after being dropped by their current registrar, they become available for re-registration.

Over the years we have built a method to catch dropping domain names that combine popular backorder services and second-tier services with our own tools and scripts, giving us an edge on the drop catching market.

While we specialize in gambling domains, we can help you catch domain names in other industries.

If you would like to catch a domain name that is about to expire, but don’t have access to the right tools, get in touch and we will recommend the best course of action.

Please note that drop catching domains is a very competitive business and because of its nature, there is no guarantee that we will win every domain we go after. What we can guarantee is that we will put together the best plan to catch your chosen domain/s.